Essays & Interviews

Botanicals & Mycologicals

Lion’s mane: nutrients for the nervous system

Turkey tail mushrooms and the antifragility of the immune system

Beneficial herb drug interactions

Nootropics: The new adaptogens

Basics of botanical research (Pts 1 and 2)

Problems with plant immunostimulation research

Medicinal mushrooms in the human mycobiome

Medical Anthropology

Artemisinin and the Nobel prize: A tale of two medical systems

Is health a right or a privilege?

Framing health in a context of interconnectedness

Ecological medicine and systemic change

Tradition is innovation, and other useful paradoxes

Health Psychology

Building the healing hut: advice for new diagnoses and related plot twists

Narrative medicine in the practitioner-client interaction


  • HerbGeek on the future of integrative herbal medicine.
  • A discussion with Poppyswap, where I share some information and background on the Olympia Free Herbal Clinic and issues facing community herbal medicine.
  • Ann Armbrecht, Ph.D. and I talked about my recent work with a Salish ethnobotanical education program, as well as larger issues of traditional medicine and community healing. Check it out here.