Meet Renée

I write on nature, health, and the human condition.

I enjoy offering practical and reputable information about how plants and mushrooms may be incorporated into our medicine cabinet and family meals. But my true motivations go deeper than the pragmatic and actionable.

I’m on a quest to improve health outcomes, pursuing questions such as:

  • How does our relationship with nature affect our health?
  • How do plants and mushrooms support our well-being? Can we amplify this?
  • What is the future of medicine and healthcare?

I’m driven to characterize new ways of understanding health in the context of our intrinsic ecological interconnectedness, and highlight the ways in which traditional practices act as gateways to innovation.

As someone who’s endured and fully recovered from serious illness, I also write about resilience, recovery, and the power of narrative in our healing trajectories.

I’m based in Olympia, WA–land traditionally inhabited by indigenous nations including the Nisqually, Chehalis, and Squaxin. I’m grateful to indigenous peoples worldwide who have stewarded the land for millennia, and who have developed and tended the foods and medicines that nourish all of us.

Professional bio

Renee Davis MA RH is a clinical herbalist, researcher, and educator in botanical and mycological medicine. She is a board member for the American Herbalists Guild, a writer for the American Botanical Council, and R&D Director for a nutraceutical mushroom company. She currently studies biomedical sciences at the University of Washington. Previously, she was a community herbalist at the Olympia Free Herbal Clinic for 5 years and an Associate Scholar with the Center for World Indigenous Studies. Her work has appeared in Face the Current, Plant Healer Magazine, Journal of the American Herbalists Guild, and Pulse: Voices from the Heart of Medicine.

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