The Thinking Patient’s Guide to Cannabis and Cancer

Like no other substance in history, cannabis sits at the eye of a storm that is currently upsetting the status quo across the spectrum of political, economic, legal, cultural, scientific and healthcare worlds.

Chaos and confusion pervade the scene:

  • State regulatory authorities grapple with legalization of both medicinal and recreational cannabis;
  • The “cannabusiness” feeding frenzy attracts all stripes of entrepreneurs, from dealers and growers to venture capital and Big Pharma;
  • Myths, misinformation and marketing clichés promoting expensive, unproven cannabis products dominate the Internet;
  • Proliferating cannabis ‘dispensaries’ present more like hippie head-shops than professional medical suppliers.
  • Cancer patients have long known of the proven benefits of combining cannabis with their mainstream oncology treatments. But emerging research has created an upsurge of interest in its potential as an anticancer treatment.

The biggest challenge for patients and caregivers wanting to learn more about how to incorporate cannabis into cancer care is the complete absence of reliable, educated and unbiased information on the subject.

Answering the urgent call for this information is The Thinking Patient’s Guide to Cannabis and Cancer, a practical, patient-centered guidebook by internationally respected medical herbalist and herb-drug interaction expert Jonathan Treasure. Backed by over 15 years of clinical practice devoted to providing botanical protocols to people with cancer, Treasure brings a formidable expertise to the subject that no journalist, activist, or product manufacturer can.

I had the privilege of contributing research and editorial assistance to this book, and can attest to its quality of research and clinical analysis. If you want to cut through the misinformation and get accurate information about the use of cannabis and cancer, check out Volume 1: Cannabis in Context now.

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