Herbal medicine, according to stock photography

Curious about the public perception of herbalists and herbal medicine, I searched the iStock photo library. To be honest, I expected image results that were closer to a caricature than an actual living, functioning herbalist. But we see people touching plants, plants scattered about on trays and counters and things. These photos highlight the plants themselves, and direct connection with them. Nice.

The images of herbal medicine themselves were expectedly mild, nice, trim and prim. (Albeit with an overuse of mortal and pestles.)

Scroll below for some results. Regard the people in the photos: do you notice a slight pattern? It’s not exactly an daunting task to deduce the demographics associated with herbal medicine in the public eye.

stock-photo-59531388-healing-herbs-in-hessian-bags-and-bottles-of-essential-oil stock-photo-42019874-women-with-medicinal-herbs

stock-photo-10199664-dried-camomile-flowers stock-photo-17929149-herbal-medicine stock-photo-9662178-herbal-medicine stock-photo-3694640-herbalist stock-photo-42585320-black-green-and-herbal-tea stock-photo-48066992-herbs-and-spice stock-photo-10728932-alternative-herbs stock-photo-6369024-herbal-medicine stock-photo-45105572-mature-woman-with-herbs-at-table stock-photo-60855758-lemon-essential-oil stock-photo-10847764-medical-calendula stock-photo-2150127-chinese-herbs

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